BPU Everyday Heroes

Everyday Heroes video

The screen fades between several images: a BPU service truck, a female BPU employee speaking with a female customer in her office, BPU technicians at a water treatment plant, hands testing water samples in a laboratory.

[Narrator] At BPU, our employees go above and beyond every day. The Everyday Heroes Program recognizes those who give selflessly and tirelessly to improve people's lives at work and throughout our community.

The screen cuts quickly to different shots of BPU employees at work. One group walks down a hallway. Another female employee smiles and laughs. A male employee speaks into a walkie-talkie. In one shot, three men in BPU uniforms talk outside. In another, two women in coveralls work in a lab.

[Narrator] As employees, BPU Everyday Heroes bring professionalism and enthusiasm to the workplace. Their passion, encouragement, and leadership bring out the best in everyone around them.

The camera shows more BPU employees in the workplace. One woman talks on the phone, laughing. It then cuts to a computer screen, a man speaking on a different phone, and the BPU logo on the door of a truck. A different shot shows the outside of the BPU office building. As the narrator continues, the screen cuts to images of Kansas City, Kansas, at night and BPU trucks pulling out of a parking lot.

[Narrator] Their focus on customers and dedication to their fellow employees make BPU a great place to work. BPU Everyday Heroes are dedicated to making Wyandotte County a better place to live. After all, they don't just work here, they live here too.

A man is shown smiling, suiting up for his job. He puts on his gloves, helmet and safety harness before walking around a BPU truck.

[Narrator] They're committed to making a difference, inspiring others, and having an impact in our community that goes far beyond the call of duty.

A woman, April Alexander, speaks directly to the camera. As she speaks, the screen fades into pictures of BPU employees at work in the field.

[April Alexander] I believe that the Everyday Hero Program is a great way for my coworkers to be acknowledged. It meant the world to me to know that I was recognized and noticed and appreciated, and I love that.

The camera continues to show different BPU employees working. One group is fixing an electrical line in a neighborhood. Another speaks into a phone headset. The final shots are of different BPU employees in different departments smiling or laughing.

[Narrator] BPU Everyday Heroes are friends, family members and coworkers. They're the linemen you see on your block, and the customer service representatives who handle your calls. Do you know a BPU employee deserving of recognition? Nominate them today at bpu.com.

They don’t wear capes. They don’t have superpowers. They’re your neighbors. But, like all good neighbors, they’re capable of amazing things. They’re the everyday heroes at BPU.

The BPU Everyday Hero Program celebrates those who go above and beyond for customers, coworkers and the Kansas City, Kansas community. These folks take the time to provide outstanding customer service. They inspire and motivate those around them. They care for their community. And in every action they take, they practice the core values of our company. Simply put, they represent the best of BPU.

Being a hero is no 9-to-5 job. It’s a lifestyle. And one that lifts up our entire community. Know somebody who qualifies? Nominate them using the form below and tell us exactly what makes them your hero. The more details you provide, the better chance your hero has of being nominated.

Photo of Matt Cragg
Matt Cragg

Here’s a man who knows a little bit about service. As a Navy veteran, Matt Cragg learned the importance of teamwork, dedication, and perseverance. As a systems analyst, Matt earned two Naval Achievement medals and served in Iraq.

At BPU, Matt is a supervisor of radio and cable, and his team recently launched a new radio system for all first responders and public safety officials in Wyandotte County. Just one of the highlights of his nine-year career with BPU. To read more about Matt, and all the things he’s done to deserve Everyday Hero status, click here.


Know a BPU employee worthy of being recognized as an Everyday Hero? We want to hear about it. If you’ve experienced outstanding customer service, witnessed great leadership or teamwork skills, please fill out the form below. Some examples of effort include:

  • Handling every situation with a smile, no matter how difficult or demanding.
  • Is always there to lend a hand. Especially when you need it the most.
  • Shows a level of kindness to customers that you truly admire.
  • Has dedication to not just customers and their coworkers, but to the entire community around them.

You can nominate any BPU employee; your local lineman, a customer service rep, your coworker, or even a family member who works here. Whoever it is, we can’t wait to hear what you think makes them an Everyday Hero. Tell us their story, explain the reasons you are nominating them, and provide detailed examples of their effort. The more you share with us, the more we can share with everyone else.

Nominee First Name:

Nominee Last Name:

Additional Nominee Identification Details:
We realize you may not always know BPU employees by name. If you don't know your nominee's first or last name, please describe what you do know about them. Maybe you can describe the individual's truck number, workstation or times they worked. We will make every effort to find a way to recognize these Everyday Heroes based on the details you provide.
Reason for Nomination:
Tell your story. We want to hear how our employees have impacted you, your work place, or the community. Please detail the reasons you would like to nominate this individual.

** The personal information you provide to us is optional and is used solely to process your request. We do not share this information with parties outside of BPU unless necessary to complete your request.

Click here for BPU's privacy policy.

April Alexander
April Alexander

If you’ve ever spoken with April Alexander on the phone, you remember her. After all, it’s hard to forget her particular brand of enthusiasm and her commitment to giving you her best as a customer service rep. She may have only been with BPU for a little over a year, but she’s already made a lasting impression. To read more about April, click here.

Mike Waldeck
Mike Waldeck

Mike Waldek is living proof of how far life can take you when you not only do what you say you’re going to do – you do it with a smile. Working his way up from janitor to Lead Equipment Operator, Mike has been a fixture at BPU since 1980. While he has much to be proud of, probably nothing overshadows the day his son Jeremiah joined his dad as part of the BPU team. To read more about Mike, click here.

Jenny Burley-Krenzer
Jenny Burley-Krenzer

The bad day met its match when it met Jenny Burley-Krenzer. A winning combination of positive energy and keen sense of humor makes her that ‘little ray of sunshine’ everyone looks forward to at BPU. As executive assistant to the general manager and board of directors, Jenny also demonstrates a work ethic that can’t be beat, and when she operates as a customer service rep, her ability to anticipate needs and find solutions is uncanny. To learn more about Jenny, click here.

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