Surge Protection for Home Appliances

If you’re a renter or homeowner you understand the importance of protecting valuable appliances used by your family every day. BPU offers a surge protection service that will protect your electromechanical appliances against damage from power surges.

BPU surge protection products are designed to provide protection against the entry of a momentary surge at the meter. A surge may last less than a second but could cause considerable damage to washers, dryers, refrigerators, heating and cooling units and other such mechanical or motor driven appliances. In addition to BPU’s surge protection service it is recommended that residential customers use adequate “UL Listed” point of use surge equipment to protect sensitive electronics against power surges. Point of use surge protection products should have a minimum rating of 1,900 joules and can be purchased from local electronics retailers.

The BPU surge protection service is available for a low monthly fee of $4.95. To order this service please fill out the Surge Protection Signup or for additional information, please access Online Ordering or call (913) 573-9000.

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