In December 2013, Kansas City Board of Public Utilities selected representatives from community organizations and business groups to serve on a newly created Energy Efficiency Community Collaborative (EECC). The EECC promotes and enhances the implementation of energy efficiency practices by BPU electric power residential, commercial and industrial customers.

The EECC began meeting three times per calendar year and will continue to do so through December 2017. BPU offers information, resources and training to EECC members regarding energy efficiency measures such as weatherization, use of energy efficient appliances and lighting, and the various programs provided or endorsed by the utility to promote energy efficiency.

In 2014, the EECC developed a task list for future actions including a neighborhood community group energy efficiency newsletter, energy audit training program, educating students and seniors on energy efficiency, educational materials and programs for small businesses. In addition several topics were discussed to help design educational materials that promote energy efficiency.

In June of 2014, BPU launched the home energy audit program, an initiative supported by the EECC. This program was very successful and 208 customers in the BPU service area took advantage of the $50 energy audit.

Energy efficiency handouts and flyers were developed from the group discussions for small businesses and students for distribution at area community expos and events. These handouts are available in BPU's Customer Service Lobby.

It is anticipated that the EECC will continue to discuss and recommend similar activities in 2015.

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