BPU Issues Warning About New Scam Targeting Small Businesses

(KANSAS CITY, Kan.)The Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (BPU) wants to warn customers and business owners that a new utility scam is targeting the Kansas City metro area.

With the most recent scam, callers are targeting small businesses using software that fraudulently mimics a utility company’s phone number that appears on the Caller ID. The caller warns that services will be disconnected if the customer fails to make an immediate payment.

If the customer is unable to make a payment, the caller provides a phone number for customers to call where the payment can be made. This phone number is in no way associated with BPU, and indeed a scam.

“We’ve been notified by customers who have been targeted with this strategy; in fact even small businesses in KCMO have received such calls by these scammers using this software making it look like the call is coming from BPU. We don’t serve customers in KCMO,” stated David Mehlhaff, BPU Chief Communications Officer.  

Mehlhaff added that customers who suspect they are being scammed should never provide any personal or banking information. They should hang up and contact the BPU Customer Service Department directly at 913-573-9190.

BPU said electric customers have been targeted by scammers using a variety of such scam attempts for a number of years in several states besides Kansas, including Nebraska; Alabama; Arkansas; Connecticut; the District of Columbia; Florida; Louisiana; Maryland; Massachusetts; Mississippi; Missouri; New Jersey; New York; Oklahoma; Texas; Wisconsin; and New Mexico.

BPU offers these tips to customers on protecting themselves if they are unsure about the identity of a call, email or visit from a utility representative:

  • Never give credit or debit card, Social Security, ATM, checking or savings account numbers to anyone who comes to your home, calls, texts and/or sends an email requesting this information in respect to your utility bill, without verifying that it is an authentic BPU call by either asking to see company identification or by calling BPU’s Customer Service Department. 
  • Be suspicious if you receive an email regarding your utility bill if you have not requested online communications from BPU.
  •  Never provide personal information via email or click any suspicious links or attachments.
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