Senior Leadership

The Board of Directors is composed of six members, three of whom are elected at-large and three of whom are elected by district. Every two years, three members are elected for four-year terms. The Board chooses a president, vice president and secretary from its own membership. Members receive a monthly salary of $950. The treasurer of the Unified Government is the ex-officio treasurer of the Board. The Board is charged with the duty to hire a General Manager, who serves as the BPU’s chief executive officer, and who administers day-to-day utility operations.

Generally Board meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month, at 6 p.m., in the BPU Administration Building at 540 Minnesota Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas. Call (913) 573-9024 to confirm meeting dates and times.

You may contact any of the BPU Board Members by sending an email.
Board of Directors

A photo of Lori C. Austin.
Lori C. Austin
Manager of Accounting
& Finance/CFO
A photo of Dong T. Quach.
Dong T. Quach
Manager Electric Production
A photo of William A. Johnson.
William A. Johnson
Manager Electric Operations & Technology
A photo pf David E. Mehlhaff.
David E. Mehlhaff
Chief Communications
A photo of James A. Epp.
James A. Epp
Manager Water Operations
A photo of Gerald P. Ohmes Sr.
Gerald P. Ohmes Sr.
Manager Electric Supply

Management Staff

Johnetta M. Hinson
Manager Customer Services

Ingrid Setzler
Director Environmental Services

Sperlynn Byers
Acting Director of Information Technology

Brian D. Laverack
Director Network Operations

Randy J. Otting
Director Accounting

Tung K. Nguyen
Acting Director Electric Production Engineering

Jeremy Ash
Director of Electric Distribution & Services

Stephen E. Green
Director Water Distribution

Patrick J. Morrill
Director Electrical Engineering

Jerin Purtee
Director Electric System Control

Chris J. Stewart
Director Civil Engineering

Patrice E. Townsend
Director Utility Services

Jody Franchett
Director Administrative Services

Robert (Bobby) Gray
NERC Compliance Officer

Steve Nirschl
Director Water Processing

Andrew Ferris
Director Electric Supply Planning

Darrin McNew
Director Electric Transmission & Substations

Jeffery S. Bridgland
Chief Information Officer

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