Avoid fraud: Know the facts, ask the questions!

Avoid Fraud

We want to assume the best of our fellow citizens, but the fact is, there are those who will resort to trickery to cheat you out of your hard-earned money – even posing as BPU employees!

Luckily there are steps you can take to protect yourself.


First, know the facts:

  • BPU employees will never call and demand immediate payment or threaten to disconnect service over the phone. If someone asks, HANG UP and let us know.
  • BPU employees will never visit your residence unless they are in clearly marked company vehicles. If you don’t see a BPU car or truck, CLOSE THE DOOR and let us know.
  • BPU employees carry proper ID and will show it to you upon request upon entering your yard or approaching your home or business. No ID? CALL US IMMEDIATELY and let us know.
  • BPU employees in the field will never ask for a credit or debit card from you. If someone posing as a BPU employee does ask for these items, TELL THEM ‘NO’ and let us know.


Next, ask the questions:

  • Always ask for an official BPU ID if someone approaches you, your home, or your business saying they work for BPU. If they can’t produce ID, don’t allow them in your home or business and let us know.
  • If you’re not sure the person speaking to you on the phone is a BPU employee (even if your caller ID says BPU or something similar), ask for the caller’s name, hang up the phone, and call our customer service center to ask for that employee.

We work very hard to earn your trust, and we’re working very hard to keep it by helping you whenever we can – including helping you be prepared for the possibility of fraud. That’s the power of community!

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