The Power to Save is in Your Hands With BPU’s Energy Engage

Save water, energy, money AND the environment with BPU’s Energy Engage utility usage portal. This free tool puts you in control of your utility bill by giving you up-to-date usage and cost information, insights into the environmental impact of your usage, conservation tips, and more.

Once you sign in to your own personal Energy Engage dashboard, you’ll be able to see your estimated BPU bill for the month as well as current electric and water usage, in terms of both amounts and dollars.

In addition, you’ll be able to view usage by day, current billing cycle, or year, and even compare your usage to the previous month. Hour-by-hour breakdowns show when energy and water usage is at its peak. And with the personalized alert tool, you can set an alarm to notify you when you get close to a preset budgeted amount.

[Narrator] Introducing a new way to save energy, water, and money. Energy Engage from BPU.

A laptop showing the BPU website appears on screen. Each step is demonstrated as it is discussed.

[Narrator] Getting started is easy. Just click "view bill" at, type in your account number, create a password,

Shows login screen.

[Narrator] then click "Energy Engage" on the left of your screen, and you're at your dashboard command center. From here you can see your estimated overall bill for the month, current electric and water usage, even monthly bill estimates for easy budgeting. But there's lots more, like this "My Energy" tab. Here you'll see estimated electric usage in dollars,

Each area of the screen with this information pops out to emphasize it.

[Narrator] and info on how to use this page. But the real meat of "My Energy" starts here.

The laptop screen scrolls to about the middle of the page and pops forward a graph of estimations.

[Narrator] First you'll see your estimation details which tell you how much you've spent on electricity so far this month and how much your estimated to spend when your next bill comes.

Each tab interface is shown as it is discussed.

[Narrator] Click the "cost" tab and you can see by day, billing cycle, or year just how you've used your electricity. You can even zoom in to see by the hour just how much or how little you've used. It's an at-a-glance way to see what exactly affects your electrical use. On the bottom of the page you'll see some great tips on saving money, electricity, and water to reduce both your bill amount and environmental impact. The "Usage" tab tells you how much electricity you're using compared to last month’s bill as well as when you're using it. Again filtered by day, bill, year, even the hour. The final tab, "Impact", gives you a window into how your energy use affects the environment. The "My Water" tab works just the same except it shows your water usage with all the same great features as "My Energy." Finally, there's this "Alerts" tab. This useful tab lets you set an alarm for whenever you're close to your budgeted amount. Just enter a dollar figure, select email or text alerts and BPU will let you know when you've hit your number. Get control of your energy bill with Energy Engage. Log in today and put the power to save in your hands. Energy Engage, only from BPU.

Sign Up Today

Signing up is simple. Log in to your account using the “View Bill” button at the top of the home page, then enter your account number and sign in by clicking Energy Engage. If you don't have an existing self-service account, sign up as a “new user” and have immediate access.

For questions or assistance, call 913-573-9190.

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