The power of community for the good of humanity

Wood Chips in wheelbarrow

It’s a simple saying: Leave things better than you found them.

Simple, but incredibly important. Especially when it comes to natural resources. That’s why BPU is committed to increasing the use of renewable resources whenever possible.

From the towering windfarms to glistening solar panels, hydropower plants and landfill methane gas plants, BPU has been working hard to harvest power in ways that severely lessen our impact on the environment. So much so, in fact, that BPU is now one of the ‘greenest’ utilities in America.

Today, 45% of BPU’s energy comes through renewable resources. That’s 300% of the Kansas Renewable Energy Standard goal. And BPU is trending toward voluntarily achieving 65-70% renewable energy capacity – that’s over 2.5 times higher than recommended by the state.

Yes. That’s the power of community. A community we want to preserve and protect for decades to come.

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