Our customers’ convenience is the top priority at BPU – and now we’ve extended that to paying your monthly bill. We call it FlexPay. And it puts the power of flexible payments right in your hands.

Watch this short video to see how FlexPay makes paying your utility bill easier than ever.

[Narrator] There’s a new way to control your utility bill. BPU’s FlexPay program allows you to pay your electric and water costs before actually using the service.

Man at laptop, looking at the MyUsage web page, a new way to control your utility bill.
The BPU and FlexPay logos fly onto screen. BPU utility truck driving on highway fades into background.

[Narrator] There’s no deposit required; and most importantly, no more surprises on your monthly bill. In fact, there is no monthly bill!

Hand appears pushing on the light switch. No deposit, No Surprises, No Monthly Bill.

[Narrator] It’s similar to making a stop at the gas station. You pay for gas, and then, as your tank gets low, you go back and refill.

Car at gas station with nozzle filling the tank with gas. As it fills, the gauge on the screen shows the gas going up to fuller, then down to empty, warning you to fill again.

[Narrator] With FlexPay from BPU, you’re paying in advance for the electric and water you’ll use.

Man back at the computer screen looking at his usage for the month on the myusage app. Myusage grows to larger on the page to show someone adding their email and password to the log in space.

[Narrator] The concept is simple, and so is account navigation on your computer and mobile device.

Man at computer scrolls down on the myusage screen. The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. It shows that myusage can be accessed on Facebook with any questions you might have.

[Narrator] To log in, visit the MyUsage website and enter the email and password provided to you upon registration. A valid email address is necessary to view your activity.

Myusage grows to larger on the page to show someone adding their email and password to the Account Log In space at the top of the page.

[Narrator] Now you can see it all! The daily energy chart shows the electric costs for each day, along with the high and low temperatures, so you can analyze your usage.

The daily energy chart shows a summary of the electric cost for each day, along with the high and low temperatures for the month.

[Narrator] Below is all your account information. Your current balance is updated daily and shows how much money you have remaining. BPU provides you with an ‘Estimated Days Left’ function. It’s calculated based on your ‘Average Daily Charge.

You can also see your Account Information with current balance, estimated days left, average daily charge among other details.

[Narrator] You also have access to a series of additional tabs. You can see a day-to-day breakdown of your transactions, usage, and alert history.

There are other tabs you have access to. An arrow points to: Transactions, usage and alert history.

[Narrator] The ‘Payment’ tab gives you the location and contact information for all 27 ‘Payment Centers’ throughout Kansas City, including the two 24/7 kiosks located in the lobby at BPU.

The Payment tab comes up and it shows a list of where all the kiosks are located in the Kansas City area.

[Narrator] And with our new mobile interface, you can have the same information in the palm of your hand with the ‘MyUsage’ app on your iPhone or Android.

Woman holding her smart phone, showing that the Myusage app can be seen on your iPhone or Android phone, too.

[Narrator] You can see how much electric and water you’ve used; receive daily alerts about your balance; and be updated by email, text, or phone on a daily basis when your account is getting low. But make sure not to unsubscribe from the email or text alerts; otherwise, you’ll lose access to important notifications until you elect to opt back in to the service.

Cell phone shows your current balance and unpaid balance for the next few days. You can be updated by email, text or phone when your account is getting low. Woman with upset expression comes on screen when she realizes she unsubscribed from the email or text alert. Don’t worry, you can opt back into the service

[Narrator] When you make a payment to one of the kiosks, or the BPU lobby, you can pay as little, or as much, as you’d like as long as your balance remains positive. And soon, you’ll be able to make payments online at myusage.com.

Woman, smiling, standing at a BPU kiosk, paying her bill. Gauge comes on screen to show you can add as little or as much as you like. Then, you can use myusage online to make your payment.

[Narrator] If your account does happen to run out of money and your utilities shut off, simply add more money at a kiosk, and your services will be reconnected.

BPU Account chart of your current balance comes on screen and has run out of funds. Your utilities may be shut off, but no worries, simply add more money at a kiosk and you will be reconnected.

[Narrator] Your energy & water have never been easier.
BPU. We stand for the power of community.

Man at computer screen, showing how easy the myusage app is to use. BPU logo comes on screen and then The Power of Community.

What is FlexPay?

To explain, we use an analogy. Picture your car, and imagine you are pumping gas into it. When you drive around, you are using the gas you’ve already paid for. Once your gas gets low, you head back to the gas station to fill up again.

FlexPay works much the same way. You put money into your account, and as each day goes by, you are charged that day’s worth of usage until it’s time to “fill up” again.

Benefits of FlexPay:
  • Avoid the surprise of an unexpected bill by paying in smaller increments throughout the month.
  • Avoid disconnections in service from the inability to pay in one lump sum.
  • No deposits or late fees, since you are paying for your services up front.
  • Studies show you can save up to 15 percent on energy use by monitoring your daily electricity and water usage.

How does FlexPay work?

Start by depositing a predetermined lump sum in your account – much like your gas tank. Sign up for text message alerts that tell you when your account is getting close to empty, and easily add in more funds. Manage and track your account balance, daily usage, payment history, and more through www.myusage.com.

You can now pay with your Credit / Debit Card or Checking Account Online, through the mobile app or through the BPU IVR. Log in to your account at www.myusage.com for more details. Payments made through these channels are subject to a $50 minimum and a $100 maximum, per account, per transaction.

You can use any one of the 32 kiosks throughout metro Kansas City to make payments – including our main office kiosk open 24 hours, seven days a week. You can stop by during lobby hours, as well. Click here for our kiosk locations.

Sign Up for FlexPay

Your BPU Customer Service Representative is happy to help you determine eligibility for FlexPay, as well as provide all the details of this flexible payment program. Stop by or give us a call today!

New Customers, sign up for FlexPay at the KCBPU lobby.
Monday – Friday*
8AM – 5PM

Existing Customers, sign up for FlexPay at the KCBPU lobby or call 913-573-9190.
Monday – Friday*
8AM – 5PM

*Extended hours till 7PM Tuesday & Thursday
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