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New Service


New utility service for businesses.

BPU makes it easy to get power and water up and running.

Need to get power running and water turned on for your business? BPU is ready to help. To establish new commercial utility service, please provide the following:

  • Tax ID Number or letter
  • A signed lease agreement (or settlement statement for all parties on the agreement) and if applicable, a management agreement

Fees for new commercial customers:

  • There are two charges billed to new commercial customers. A customer service fee covers the cost of connecting the service and recording starting reads, which amounts to $75 plus taxes for both electric and water or for a single service. The customer service fee is designed so that only those customers who change or add service will pay these charges, rather than building the costs into the rate base for all customers to share.

  • The second charge is a security deposit, which is figured at two and a half times the highest bill of the previous 12 months. If no history is available, the deposit can be based on a similar business use or an engineering estimate. There are several ways a customer can satisfy the security deposit requirement.

  • The deposit may be in cash, a letter of credit from a bank with at least a three-star Bankrate.com credit rating, or a surety bond issued through an insurance carrier with an AA rating licensed to do business in the state of Kansas. Cash deposits earn interest after one year. Upon a 36 month, consecutive, on-time bill pay record, deposits and interest are refunded or the non-cash deposit will be returned.

  • To sign for service, commercial customers should call 913-573-9190 between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.


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