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Paperless Billing
Paperless Billing


At BPU, we’re committed to offering outstanding service to our customers while doing our part to protect the environment. Our paperless billing accomplishes both goals, making your life easier while eliminating needless waste.

When you sign up for paperless billing, you’ll reduce clutter and gain instant access to your billing statement. Log on today to choose from two convenient payment options:

1. Pay online
Click here to log in to pay securely using your credit card, checking account or savings account.

2. Automatic payments
Utilize our automatic bank draft service, which automatically withdraws the amount due approximately 24 days after the bill date.

Ready to get started?

Sign up today!

More benefits of paperless billing:

  • Helps save trees and reduces the environmental impact associated with paper production.
  • Lower carbon footprint. It reduces the energy and resources required for printing, mailing, and transporting paper bills.
  • Save money on stamps and postage by receiving electronic bills.
  • No need to worry about bills getting lost in the mail or delayed due to postal issues.
  • Reduce clutter. Avoid accumulating physical paper bills.
  • Reduced risk of identity theft. Paper bills can be stolen from mailboxes.
  • Customers can access their bills and account information online 24/7 from anywhere.


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