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Electric & Water Rate Hearings
Electric & Water Rate Hearings

2023 BPU Electric and Water Rate Hearings

BPU is having electric and water rate hearings on June 14 and June 15, 2023. The procedures which govern the Board of Public Utilities (“BPU”) electric and water rate adjustment hearings are set forth in the Unified Government Charter Ordinance governing the setting of BPU rates, which were modeled on the Kansas statutes providing for the setting of BPU rates, and in the BPU’s Rules of Procedure on Rate Increases adopted by the Board.

Under the Charter Ordinance and procedures, BPU publishes notice of a public hearing at least ninety (90) days before the hearing commences. Any affected Utility customer wishing to intervene, appear at the public hearing, present testimony of witnesses under oath, conduct cross-examination of employees and representatives of the BPU, present oral arguments, and file written briefs in support of said customer's position can file a petition for intervention pursuant to the Rules of Procedure and participate in the public hearing process.

Customers can also appear at the public hearing and provide comments. At the public hearing, the staff and BPU consultants present the staff’s recommendations for adjustments to the rates, and comments from the public are heard. In addition, technical testimony from the BPU staff and consultants, and from the intervenors if any party has filed a petition to intervene, is presented. During the technical portion of the hearing, parties will introduce testimony, offer exhibits, and may cross-examine each other’s witnesses and offer any other evidence felt necessary by each party. A hearing officer presides over the hearing and handles the functions of an administrative law judge. A court reporting service records the proceedings and this record is kept as a part of the transcript of the hearing.

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Electric & Water Rate Hearings


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