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Outage Restoration Process
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Outage Restoration & Preparation

Getting your power restored after an outage

Due to lightning, wind, snow, ice and sometimes even animals, occasional power outages are unavoidable. Should a disruption occur, you can be confident that BPU will be working to get power restored as quickly as possible. Watch our video to learn more about our process for restoring your power when an outage occurs.

Be prepared for severe weather

BPU is ready to leap into action at a moment's notice in the in the event of an outage. But there are a few simple things you can do to be prepared, too if severe weather is on the way. A little planning is all it takes.


​​1. Be Shelter Aware

Do you have an appropriate shelter or know the location of the nearest one in case of a tornado or other severe weather?

2. Food & Water

Make sure you have at least a 3-day, shelf-stable supply and that you are stocked up on any needed medicine or prescriptions.

​​3. Emergency Kit

Store flashlights, batteries, first aid kit, blanks, etc.

​​4. Charge Up

Make sure your phone and other devices are fully charged.

​​5. Fill Up You Tank

Make sure your car's fuel tank is full.

​​6. Practice a Plan

Make sure everyone in your house knows where to go, where the emergency supplies are and what they can do to help.

Outage Restoration
Outage Restoration

[Narrator] We live in a bright, thriving community, and at BPU, we’re committed to keeping it that way.

Screen slowly moves over various Wyandotte County attraction. A BPU utility truck drives along a road.

[Narrator] However, some outages are unavoidable, due to a major storm, snow, ice, high winds, lightning, and sometimes animals! When they occur we’re immediately on the move, working to restore power as soon as possible.

Very heavy rain being blown by strong winds, with power lines going across screen. The next screen shows a picture of a hill with deep snow and ice, causing a utility pole to lean. BPU worker getting into his utility truck as camera zooms in on the BPU logo. Trucks going out as soon as possible to repair service.

[Narrator] Our first step during an outage is to see what caused the problem. We examine power supply, transmission lines, and substations and make repairs so that we can get power flowing to our customers.

Workers observing computer monitors to see what caused the outages. Two workers wearing harnesses are being lifted up in a utility bucket to examine power supply and repair downed lines. Substations are also checked for power outage.

[Narrator] Next, we get electricity running to public safety facilities: police stations, 911 call centers, fire departments, hospitals.

Two men wearing reflective vests elevated to work on some public safety facilities. Picture of utility truck passing by a hospital in need of help.

[Narrator] Once they’re back up and running, we can repair the distribution lines that carry power to the most populated neighborhoods.

Two men raising a pole into place and then setting it down into a hole to secure it so that power can be restored in neighborhoods.

[Narrator] Finally, once power is restored to most neighborhoods and businesses, we reconnect individual customers that are still experiencing outages.

Homes in a neighborhood with a church behind, showing power poles and lines to be fixed. BPU utility truck headed to the next home that needs assistance.

[Narrator] This can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive step, but the BPU team works hard to get things resolved as quickly as possible.

Worker putting on his white hardhat with reflective stripes and leather gloves, and he secures his harness before starting to work. Another worker is filling out paperwork.

[Narrator] If a neighbor has power and you don’t, there may be other issues present. You may be fed from a different circuit than your neighbor. Your service line may be damaged or it may be as simple as a tripped breaker. Call BPU and we’ll send someone as soon as we can to help resolve the issue.

Showing a neighborhood with a view of a wooden fence and playground. The sky shows several dark clouds. View of another BPU truck working on some power lines while worker below directs traffic. Someone reaches up to flip the switch on their breaker box. Utility trucks are on their way to service other customers.

[Narrator] The most important thing to remember during an outage is safety. Be aware of downed power lines. To further protect yourself, you may want to install adequate surge protection to safeguard electronics and appliances.

Picture of large tree limb that has knocked down power lines and caused a dangerous situation. Woman plugs in electrical outlets into a surge protector to further protect her and her family.

[Narrator] Remember, if your power goes out, please report it to BPU by calling 913-573-9522.

Showing BPU building and the phone number to call if you experience a power outage. A view of Kansas City, Kansas.

[Narrator] Together, we can keep Kansas City, Kansas, safe and build the power of community.

Camera pans across multiple shots of Wyandotte County as background with BPU logo superimposed.


Please call 913-573-9522

Do you or someone in your home depend on an in-home oxygen concentrator or other life saving medical device? Click here or call 913-573-9928 to find out how to be listed as a life support account.


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