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Life Support Program
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BPU Residential In-Home Life Support Program Information

Customers in need of residential in-home oxygen concentrators, dialysis and/or ventilators must contact the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (BPU) at the dedicated life support line at 913-573-9928 to request the required paperwork in order to have their account identified as life support.

BPU will work with you and other required parties to gather and verify the necessary information before identifying the account as life support. Life support accounts can be reviewed every six months for validation purposes.

If a power outage should occur in the area in which you reside, BPU will work to restore services as soon as possible. Power outages may last for minutes, hours or in severe cases, several days.

Life support status does not indicate or guarantee that your power will be restored any faster. It is advised that you have a contingency plan in place should an outage occur. We encourage you to seek a backup power source or develop a plan for relocating until your power is restored.

If you are approved for our life support program, the identification at your electric meter is to alert our staff of the life support status on your account. This program doesn’t guarantee continuous service, but it does make it easier in our restoration efforts for your residence.

It should be noted that life support accounts are not relieved from collections procedures.

If additional information is needed concerning our life support procedures, please contact us at 913-573-9928.

If you’re concerned about power outages but aren’t part of our life support program, find out more about our outage restoration process to understand when and how power is restored. You can also view the outage map.


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