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Scheduled Tree Maintenance
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Scheduled Tree Maintenance Procedures

A chainsaw cutting a tree branch. 

To help avoid electric service interruptions, BPU trims trees in the public right-of-way based on a scheduled growth cycle.

An electric repairman speaking on a two-way radio and holding a clipboard. 

A customer door hanger is left on the home by BPU’s vegetation contractors. Also, a call is made giving customers advanced notice that tree trimming is scheduled for their area.

A tree fallen over a powerline.

Owner is responsible for trimming trees around the service line. BPU can lower the service line for a small fee before you trim; just ask for our Line Drop Service at 913-573-9535.

Tree branches and leaves around a tree trunk. 

To notify you that tree trimming is planned for your neighborhood, BPU must have your correct phone number.

A repairman in a lift fixing a powerline. 

Tree service companies contracted by BPU are responsible for tree debris removal once cycle maintenance trimming is complete.


For tree trimming issues/concerns, please call 913-573-9900.

BPU offers free advice on tree trimming and planting the right tree in the right spot. Just call and leave your name and phone number.

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