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New Service

Ready to turn things on?

BPU makes setting up new residential service simple. 

Establishing new electric and water service is easy with BPU. Just use the following checklist to get new utility service scheduled to be turned on for your residence.

Please provide the following for all parties on the agreement or settlement statement:

  • Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)
  • Along with one of the following valid forms of ID:
  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • State ID
  • A signed lease agreement (or settlement statement for all parties on the agreement) and if applicable, a management agreement
  • Please note there is a service fee and possibly a security deposit charged for new residential customers (see below ’Fees for new residential customers’ for details).

Submit documents by one of the following means:

Fees for new residential customers:

  • There are two charges billed to new residential customers. A customer service fee of $75 plus taxes for both electric and water or for a single service to establish service in a customer’s name. The customer service fee is designed so that only customers who move incur the costs of the service instead of building those costs into the rates that all customers must pay.
  • In addition to the customer service fee, a security deposit may also be charged to customers. All customers will be subject to a maximum deposit. The deposit can be reduced if the customer supplies KCBPU with approved personal, identifiable information. If such information is provided, the deposit will be determined by a sliding scale based on the credit rating of the applicant. The scale will be determined by using a credit rating service utilized by KCBPU. After 24 consecutive months with no more than two late payments, the deposit will be credited to the customer's account with interest. KCBPU cannot demand that an applicant provide their social security number as a requirement for service. However, it is our policy that applicants who refuse to provide their social security number pose a greater credit risk and shall be charged the maximum deposit. The deposit will be held until the account is finaled.
  • Deposit amounts may be raised in cases of bankruptcy, misrepresentation of facts, or theft of service. Deposits may also be waived if a good payment history has been established with BPU.

Please Note:

  • Any outstanding bills from previous accounts must be paid before new service can be activated.
  • Existing customers transferring service may have the deposit waived if a good payment history has been established with BPU.
  • The security deposit and service fee do not have to be paid upon signing up for service. Both can be added to your first bill.



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