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Customer Text Alerts

Customer Text Alerts


Stay up to date with text alerts.

As a convenient way to keep our customers informed, BPU sends important text alert notifications on the following:

  • Billing information
  • Payment information
  • Electric outages
  • Water outages
  • Potential water leaks
  • Scheduled maintenance alerts

How it works

Your BPU text alerts will come from 844-843-3500. Save this contact as "BPU Texting" to make sure you won't confuse these texts with text-based scams.

If you provided a cell phone number to BPU, you’re automatically opted in to receive text alerts. Customers can opt out by texting “QUIT” to 844-843-3500.

Please call 913-573-9190 if your phone number has changed or if the phone number on your monthly bill is incorrect.

Stay Up to Date with BPU Text Alerts


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