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Green Initiatives
A picturesque view of wind tubines over a green field.

One green thought leads to another.

When we started thinking green, we learned that it is very contagious. Once you put your mind to it, the green possibilities are endless.  From reusable cloth wipes to recycled antifreeze to scrap-metal recycling, we’ve implemented an impressive list of green initiatives … and we just keep thinking of more. Just look at all the ground we’ve covered.  Then, join the fun and start a great, green revolution all your own.

Green minds think alike.
BPU is a member of organizations that have chosen live green.  Plus, we sponsor and participate in ecologically oriented events across the community.  Check out this short list:

  • American Public Power Association member 
  • Greater Kansas City Action Partnership member
  • Kansas City Kansas Build Green Conference sponsor
  • Eagle Day sponsor
  • Shred-it paper shredding and recycling participant
  • Annual electronic waste collection for recycling/reuse program participant
  • Hazardous waste collection events participant

Green begins at home.
Today, thinking green is more than a novel idea at BPU. It is a habit. Virtually every BPU associate is on the big GREEN bandwagon.  Take a look of some of the creative ideas they have suggested and implemented.

  • Recycle spent fluorescent bulbs and batteries
  • Oil recycling and oil blending with other fuels
  • Scrap metal recycling
  • Scrap transformers are sold to a recycler
  • Used antifreeze is recycled
  • Use reusable cloth wipes, rather than disposable wipes
  • Used utility poles and tree-trimming mulch are given to customers
  • Clean parts with water instead of solvents, when possible
  • Solvents that are used are filtered for impurities and reused
  • Develop an anti-idle policy for BPU vehicles
  • Install Low NOx Combustion system on boilers to reduce ozone

It’s your turn.
If you’d like to build your own list of ways to conserve energy and protect the environment, we can give you a head start.  Check out our Saving Tips page on this site.  Just click the link and you’ll be there.


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