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Renewable Energy

The Power of a Cleaner Future

Powering today and tomorrow with renewable energy.

Wood Chips in wheelbarrow

From wind and solar to hydroelectric power and methane gas harvesting from landfills, BPU’s renewable energy efforts are actively benefiting the community. In fact, 48% of the energy BPU provides to Wyandotte County is from renewable resources. And that’s 300% beyond the Kansas Renewable Energy Standard goal. With the Power of Community, BPU is working to ensure a greener future for us all.

Watch our Renewable Energy video to learn more about BPU’s renewable energy commitment

Wood Chips in wheelbarrow
Learn more about Renewable Energy
Energy Engage

[Narrator] Our earth is one of a kind. But we must all work together if we want to keep it that way. Here at BPU, we believe it’s our job to help preserve the environment.

View of the globe rising on screen with a beautiful blue glow. Then a transparent BPU comes on the screen and covers a portion of the world.

[Narrator] And build a better future for the next generations.

Several children standing barefoot in the grass holding up the world, meaning we need to build a better future for the next generations.

[Narrator] Did you know 45% of BPU’s energy comes from renewable sources?

[Narrator] Like water, wind, solar power, and even methane gas from landfills?

This screen shows a pie chart with a globe in the center, then transitions to a map of Kansas City, Kansas, and a 45% segment of BPU’s energy comes from resources, like water (shows a dam with water coming out), wind (shows wind turbines on hilltops), solar power (shows the sun peeking thru clouds and shining on a solar panel), and methane gas (shows a trash bin with methane gas rising from it).

[Narrator] These are sources that are always renewing. They create energy that is cleaner and more sustainable.

Two white arrows on green background in the shape of a circle and turning, showing the four sources working with each other and renewing to create energy that is clean and sustainable.

[Narrator] The thousands of panels on our solar farm gather and store energy from the sun, and then harness it so that it can be channeled to individuals and businesses through Kansas City, Kansas to help reduce our carbon footprint.

View of multiple solar panels at BPU’s solar farm, shown with the bright sun shining down on them, creating energy. Close-up of the panels and then a field with long rectangular panels that are standing on the ground and leaning diagonally, catching the sun rays. Beautiful wispy white clouds pass by.

[Narrator] We also partner with Bowersock Mills in Lawrence as another renewable energy source. This plant creates clean, efficient hydroelectric power by using water.

A close-up of water splashing down, creating hydroelectric power. Bowersock Mills in Lawrence is a plant that makes hydroelectric power by using water.

[Narrator] Our wind generators are constantly generating and storing energy by utilizing the hundreds of wind turbines spread across southwest Kansas.

Shows large blue wind turbines with the blades turning. Two wind turbines out in a field of golden wheat. A view of an area of Kansas with multiple wind turbines with a beautiful orange and yellow sunset in the background.

[Narrator] And finally, BPU is also taking garbage and creating usable, clean energy.

[Narrator] We convert the methane gas emissions from a landfill into electricity.

A lady throws some trash in a garbage can with bubbles coming up to signify methane gas being captured from the trash we dispose of. The bubbles then travel into a tube on the screen, leading them to become electricity. Hand flips a light switch and the light comes on.

[Narrator] By making use of these readily available and clean forms of energy, BPU is taking a stand: A stand for a greener tomorrow. A stand for the future of our world.

A little girl is holding a water hose spraying the lawn. A group of high school students, all wearing their green shirts in support of a green tomorrow are planting a tree. A little boy smiling and running freely in the freshly mowed green grass.

[Narrator] At BPU, we stand for the power of community.

The BPU logo fades in with the Power of Community flying in below it.

Did you know?
  • Wind power accounts for 86% of BPU’s renewable energy production.
  • BPU’s solar farm has over 3,700 individual solar panels and each one eliminates 12 tons of carbon dioxide from the environment!
  • BPU’s hydroelectric production supplies enough power for roughly 3,300 Wyandotte County homes.
  • Electricity generated from landfill methane gas meets the needs of around 1,200 residential BPU customers annually

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