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Solar Farm
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Join the BPU Solar Farm Community

At BPU, we take pride in the fact that we are one of the greenest public utilities in the nation. With 45% of our power sources taken from renewable energy – sources ranging from wind power to hydropower and landfill gas – we offer energy options that are environmentally friendly.

It’s this energy diversity and commitment to reducing our collective carbon footprint that has spurred our newest initiative: the BPU Community Solar Farm.

Bringing the benefits of solar energy to Kansas City, Kansas (KCK)

BPU built a 1,000 KW community solar farm consisting of over 3,700 individual solar panels next to BPU’s Nearman Power Plant – making BPU the first municipal utility to offer a community solar program in the state of Kansas.

This farm, operational as of September 2017, will allow BPU residential and commercial customers to harness the power and savings of solar energy for themselves and create a cleaner KCK. In fact, there are a number of ways that our Community Solar Farm will impact and benefit the community:

  • Reducing the carbon footprint of KCK. Each panel eliminates 12 tons of carbon dioxide from the environment!
  • Allowing users to receive sustainable energy and reduced energy rates. Not only do users enjoy clean and renewable energy in their own homes without the hassle and cost of installing their own solar panels, but they also receive approximately $38.40 annually in energy credits applied to their bills.
  • Creating solar accessibility for all members of the community. Even non-homeowners (for example, people who reside in apartments, condos, etc.) or homeowners who don’t have the option of installing solar panels can have access to clean and sustainable energy to use in their homes.
  • No cost to BPU or its other ratepayers. Only those who subscribe to lease a panel pay anything – rates do not increase for any other BPU users.

How it works

  1. Sign up to lease a panel. Residential participants may lease anywhere from one to 10 individual photovoltaic panels from the Community Solar Farm. Commercial customers will be able to lease from one to 500 panels depending on their size. Panels can be leased for $420.00 each, for up to 25 years. Should you decide to move outside of the BPU service area, you have the option of “returning” your panels by selling them back to the farm provided you’ve been a subscriber for at least 12 months.
  2. Receive a credit on your statement every month. For every panel you lease, you’ll receive approximately $3.20 per month via a credit on your monthly statement for the duration of your lease.
  3. Enjoy knowing that you’re actively reducing your carbon footprint. By spreading the benefits and savings of renewable solar energy to all participants, BPU allows users to lower their environmental impact while saving money in the long term.

Limited Panels Available. Call Today to Enroll!
This is a first-come, first-served, limited time offer for
residential and commercial
customers. BPU customers with accounts in good standing (and who are not only receiving water services) may enroll. Act now, and reap the rewards of solar energy for years to come!

Customers may enroll by:

Calling our hotline at 913-573-9997

Emailing us at solarpanels@bpu.com

Please click here to view the frequently asked Questions.
Please click here to track the production of our community solar farm.

Please click here to view the frequently asked Questions.
Please click here to track the production of our community solar farm.


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