Our Community

The Power of Community Starts with a Promise

And it's a promise we intend to keep. Because your community is our community - and the power of that is so much more than just a slogan. It's the feeling that comes from being a part of something bigger than yourself. That certain sense of pride in saying, "I'm from Wyandotte County."

We hope you enjoy how we put into words our pride in this great community, and the promise to make it even better each day. Watch our Power of Community Video now.

[Narrator] This isn’t a truck.

Lineman walking slowly toward his utility truck, opens the door, which shows the BPU logo, and gets inside.

[Narrator] This...is a promise. This is a promise from the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities to the 165,000 folks who call Kansas City, Kansas home.

The transparent letters B P U come on the screen and enlarge to show the area of Kansas City, Kansas.

Close-up of lineman’s face. Then showing him going past various points of interest.

[Narrator] From Argentine to Piper, Strawberry Hill to Rosedale, and all points in between, this truck is our promise to deliver dependable power and clean water to Wyandotte County.

Lineman driving through town, going past various buildings that BPU services.

[Narrator] It’s a promise we’ve made to over 60,000 homes and offices. And a promise kept over a million times a day.

Lineman putting on protective gloves, helmet and harness and going up to check lines. Worker on ground is stabilizing a pole.

[Narrator] When you hit the switch, your lights come on, and when you turn the faucet, the water flows. This truck is a promise kept as water from the Missouri River Aquifer enters BPU’s Nearman Water Treatment Plant.

Shows Missouri River with bridge in the distance. Fifteen gauges are hanging on the wall.

[Narrator] This state-of-the-art facility treats and then dispenses fresh water that exceeds every federal and state standard.

Service man filling out form.

[Narrator] And then delivers that water through over a thousand miles of pipe at the rate of over 28 million gallons a day, every day of the year.

Clips of the front of the Nearman Water Treatment Plant scroll across the screen, followed by the water going through various pipes and sprays.

[Narrator] But BPU’s promise to Kansas City, Kansas is bigger than power and water.

Showing sports stadium.

[Narrator] This truck represents a promise to explore clean sources of energy to lessen the impact on our environment.

Several screens of windmills on the Kansas plains shown as a source of energy.

[Narrator] Efforts like wind farms, including Smoky Hill and our latest partnership with Tradewind Energy and Enal Green Power that will light over 108,000 homes without reliance of dwindling resources. In fact, initiatives like wind power and hydroelectric power have positioned KCK to run on 45% renewable resources in the year 2017.

Utility truck rounding a bend with beautiful trees on both sides. Wind power and hydroelectric power are powering Kansas City, Kansas with 45% renewable resources in 2017.

[Narrator] Finally, this truck is the promise to support our community.

Utility truck driving past lake with pier and lush green grass in the foreground.

[Narrator] BPU employees and associates donate thousands of dollars and hours of service to Wyandotte County organizations like The United Way. They’ve raised over half a million dollars for area children’s groups during their annual Golf Tournament.

Shows several employees wearing BPU badges, donating hours of service to make BPU great.

Sign in front of a putting hole showing Bubba Watson Driving Hole, BPU Charity Golf Tournament and the BPU logo, then pans to the beautiful golf course where they hold their annual Golf Tournament.

[Narrator] And the BPU Summer Youth Program provides grants that help create over 150 jobs for area youth every summer.

BPU Summer Youth Program creates jobs through: Volunteerism, Personal Donations, Corporate Donations, Area Sponsorships

[Narrator] We make these promises not because we’re your utility, but because we’re also your neighbors. We live here, we’re proud of it. And we’re committed to it.

Driver passes by man walking on the sidewalk in town. All BPU Employees live in Wyandotte County.

[Narrator] So the next time you see one of our trucks, remember it’s our promise to you. A promise we’ve made to our neighbors and friends. And a promise we’ve kept for over 100 years.

The driver gets out of his utility truck, gazes in the distance and is proud to be a part of BPU.

[Narrator] And that’s the power of community.

Screen pans to BPU logo.

The Kansas City Board of Public Utilities Gives Daily to the Community

Board of Public Utilities

You may think of an electric and water utility as an organization that is only concerned about business. But the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (BPU) proves itself a grand exception to this old way of thinking. BPU is active in both the support and growth of the community that it serves and is truly a utility with heart!

BPU is proud to make every day a “Day of Giving” by matching employee United Way donations to help families in need with their utility payments. Annually, a local children’s charity is selected to benefit from the BPU Golf Tournament. And of course there are endless Scout, 4-H, Chamber of Commerce and County Fair donations of time, educational materials and sponsorships. Whenever asked, BPU tries their best to be there for the community in thought and action.

On a particular Saturday this spring in the BPU service community you may have seen a group of utility volunteers planting shrubs, mowing, raking and cleaning yards or hosting a garage sale on their special “United Way Day of Caring.” Caring is evident when the KCBPU Employee Council holds its annual Easter Egg Hunt for KCK Seniors every spring. School doesn't start without a School Supply Drive and the holidays don’t go by without a Toy Drive. There are even many civic functions hosted and led by utility employees. Meeting topics cover utility services as well as water and electric safety. If you're hosting a meeting and need a speaker, give us a call to schedule a speaker for your event.

Sun Fresh Market

Community Support

BPU Employee Foundation – consists of 16 dedicated employees representing all areas of the utility and organizes most of BPU’s community service activities. 5,010 volunteer hours were worked and 5,740 children were served through numerous events and campaigns.

United Way Campaign – 700 employees collected a record $250,554 for United Way of Wyandotte County! Half of the funds were directly raised from employee pledges, and half were matched by the board of directors to be used for utility assistance.

Charity Golf Tournament – Every year a local charity is selected to benefit from the funds raised at this annual event.

United Way Day of Caring – Employees donate their days off to work on charitable projects in the community.

Back-to-School Fair – Employees collect cash and new school supplies for area children. 

Holiday Adoptions – Every Thanksgiving employees adopt area families and bring in food donations for a hearty dinner for them to enjoy.

Christmas in the City – A charitable event for children and families.

Toy Drive – Employees collect cash and new toys for needy children. 

Senior Egg Hunt – The BPU Employee Council annually organizes an Easter egg hunt for senior citizens at Bethel Neighborhood Center.

We are so proud of our BPU employees and the work they do for others. They work hard on their jobs and also in the communities they serve, helping others.

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