Electric Service Customer Responsibilities

An electrical meter. 

BPU IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SERVICE LINE AND METER ONLY. Owner is responsible for all else, and must contract repairs with a licensed electrician before power can be restored.
A hand trimming tree branches. 

OWNER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR TRIMMING TREES around the service line. BPU can lower the service line before you trim, just ask for our Line Drop Service at 913-573-9535.
A person using their phone to dial for repairs. 

TO HAVE ELECTRIC ISSUES REPAIRED quickly and correctly, select from the menu options when calling the Electric Outage Line.
A car about to roll over a live power line. 

AVOID TOUCHING POWER LINES or poles with your body or any other objects.
A group of balloons stuck on a powerline.  

CALL ELECTRIC OUTAGE LINE if you see an object on a power line or pole.

For electric issues/concerns, please call: 913-573-9522.

your fuse/breaker box before calling to report an outage.

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