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Electric & Water Outdoor Safety Tips for July 4th Celebrations

Electric & Water Outdoor Safety Tips for July 4th Celebrations

(KANSAS CITY, Kan.) — With Independence Day celebrations taking place this week, the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (BPU) wants you and your family to stay safe when enjoying outdoor activities and using fireworks. It is important to remember that fireworks, while festive, can also be dangerous – with 9,700 firework related injuries reported across America in 2023. Electric and water safety awareness and precautions are extremely important to prevent accidents and severe injury over the holiday.

To keep customers and the community safe over the holiday, and throughout the summer, BPU has developed a list of safety tips to keep you, your family, and your pets out of harm’s way.

  • Look Up! Don’t Use Fireworks Near Power Lines
    Always examine your surroundings for power line locations and trees before launching fireworks. Only light fireworks in open areas away from power lines or trees. If you have an accident involving a downed power line, call BPU’s 24/7 Electric Outage Line at 913-573-9522 immediately and never touch any part of the power line.
  • Stay Away from Electric Infrastructure
    Don’t play or sit around power poles or pad-mounted transformers. These are the big green boxes in some neighborhoods for underground electric service which carry high-voltage electricity. An accident involving fireworks could cause a fire, an explosion, downed lines, or power outages.
    1. Do not throw objects up into power lines. This can cause short circuits, and could result in injuries.
    2. Do not use pad-mounted transformers as a launch pad: Pad-mounted transformers are not meant for touching, climbing, or playing.
    3. Do not string fireworks on utility poles: Maintain a safe distance and clearance to avoid fireworks coming into contact with energized lines.
  • Be Safe When Climbing in or Around Trees
    Avoid climbing trees that are near or touching power lines. Trees conduct electricity and can create a serious safety hazard if limbs grow too close to power lines – or if the branches themselves are touching a wire.
  • Pool & Water Electrical Safety
    Spending time in and around the pool, running through a sprinkler, or using a backyard water inflatable is always fun during the warmer months. Whether at your own home or another, minimize the chance for accidents by following these simple safety steps:
    1. Never run electrical cords over or alongside a pool. Water and electricity don’t mix!
    2. If you are decorating the backyard, string party lights a minimum of 3 feet away from the pool or any water source.
    3. Never cross the pool exit or waterslide with electrical wires.
    4. Always use safety caps on electrical outlets near water, and always use GFI outlets when using outdoor electrical appliances.
  • Keep Pets Inside When Fireworks Are Used
    The noise and vibration of fireworks can agitate some pets. It may be better to secure them in a small interior room with a radio or TV playing to drown out noise – and keep windows and doors closed to keep your pet inside.
  • Handle All Fireworks Carefully
    Even small fireworks, like sparklers, burn at temperatures of about 2,000 degrees. Do not let children handle fireworks.
  • Assume It's Energized and Stay as Far Away as Possible
    Energized lines can charge the ground near the point of contact and may electrocute you. Stay at least 35 feet away from downed lines of any kind.
  • Do Not Attempt to Rescue a Person or Pet
    If you see someone in direct or indirect contact with a downed line, do not touch them. You could become the next victim. Call 911 for help.

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