Residential Space Heat Rate for Heat Pumps

BPU knows you expect electricity to be reliable and dependable.  We want you to feel comfortable while saving energy and dollars.  To help you save energy and dollars, we offer low, eight-month winter space heating rates that are ideally suited for energy-efficient all-electric homes and homes with add-on or all-electric heat pumps.

The below chart illustrates savings residential consumers have on BPU’s eight-month winter residential all-electric/heat pump space heating rate.

*Customer must apply for this rate, and the installation must pass the Board of Public Utilities size and efficiency tests.  Use of such residential electric heating equipment is subject to rules and regulations, and approval by the local authority having jurisdiction.

*Available to residential consumers with permanently installed electric space heating equipment. The electric heating equipment shall be of design approved by the Board of Public Utilities, and shall be thermostatically controlled, in regular use, and the primary source of comfort heating for the dwelling unit (exclusive of aesthetic fireplaces).

BPU’s Residential
Electric Rate Schedule 101
Space Heat Rate
with All-Electric
homes or homes
w/Heat Pumps
Monthly Customer Charge $16.00 / month
Summer (May through August)  
First 1,000 kWh/month $0.0724 / kWh
Next 1,000 kWh/month $0.0848 / kWh
All additional kWh/month $0.1063 / kWh
Winter (September  through April)  
First 1,000 kWh/month $0.0561 / kWh
Next 1,000 kWh/month $0.0396 / kWh
All additional kWh/month $0.0340 / kWh   
Rates effective January, 1, 2013
Notes: a) Prices do not include taxes or the Energy Rate Component (ERC).

b) The ERC is a method of billing costs incurred by BPU in producing and purchasing electricity to meet customer demand.  ERC amounts are calculated by multiplying the monthly ERC factor by the kWh’s used during the month.

c) ERC factors are published and can be found at

For more information about heat pumps and other BPU energy efficient residential products, please visit or call BPU’s heat pump hotline number at 913-573-9988.

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